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My name is Matt and I am Information Technology professional with 17 years of experience in IT.  During my time as a IT professional I have been the “Jack of all Trade” when it comes to IT. 

I have experience being a systems administrator, programmer, analyst, project manager, software manager, and white hat hacker. I have worked in the professional photography industry, retail, finance and health care industry, so I have a diverse background and knowledge about multiple systems and processes.

I started this blog as a location I can display useful information on a semi-regular basis.  Also, this site gives me an online archive for something I have found useful in the past and need to review the details.
I would like to add that I am always interested in hearing about new IT opportunities!

I can be contacted at matt@iwantanitcareer.com.

Professional Photography Background

Description -
Responsible for providing superior custom software management services to some of the nation’s largest professional photographic labs, developing quality software, installation services, support, and training.

Roles -
System Administration, Software Engineer and Custom Software Manager.

Architecture -
Digital VAX/VMS, Alpha/OpenVMS, and Microsoft Windows NT (Alpha and x86)

Languages -

History -
Designed DCL based patch management system for AccuNET production control system.  This new designed allow all parties with the company to be notified of a new patch being available to the customers.  The new patch management system greatly reduced update complexity, installation time, and in house patch management for the photographic labs.

Handled customer software service requests by creating detailed specifications and quotes.

Designed, implemented, and maintained serial communication and user interfaces.

Ported legacy VAX/VMS code to Alpha/OpenVMS and Microsoft Windows NT.

Provided remote technical support.

Perform system administration (hardware installation, backups, system configuration, account management, and tuning).


Description -
Responsible for providing exceptional application development, analysis, design, documentation, strategic planning, systems administration, and troubleshooting for store, pharmacy, and corporate systems.

Roles -
Senior Application Architect, System Administration, Technical Consultant

Architecture -
Windows NT, Windows XP, 2003 Server, 2000 Server, Windows Mobile 5, 4690, OpenServer, AIX, Linux, SQL Server, Oracle Database, Motorola MSP (mobility Servics Platform), AppWorx, CA Unicenter Service Desk, Tivoli Sorage Manager, PVCS Version Manager, PSEXEC, RemoteWare, AccessVia, Wyse Rapport, McKesson Condor, and Remotely Possible/32, Verifone Credit Terminals, O’Neil mobile printers, Telxon mobile computer, Zebra mobile printers, Symbol mobile computer, and QVS DDS/CSF.

Languages -
C, C++, SQL, COBOL, VBScript, Visual Basic, HIGH C, CPCL, KSH, 4680 BASIC

History -
Designed integration plan for a new multi-million dollar retail system. The plan required successfully configuring and deploying 1080 Windows XP Professional based IBM registers and peripherals, 440 Windows XP Professional DELL workstations, 1080 VeriFone credit terminals, 600+ O’Neil mobile printers, 800+ Symbol mobile computers, and associated retail application software. The integration plan used Norton Ghost, BartPE (Bart’s Preinstalled Environment), Motorola MSP (Mobility Services Platform), and applications written in C, C++, and BATCH script to assist in configuration, setup, and deployment.

Redesigned store communication server (RemoteWare) and achieved a 99.99% uptime.

Engineered store system in a box strategy to provide a consistent store IT environment used when converting 48 competitor stores. The strategy was so successful that all new store openings used a slightly modified version of the store system in a box strategy.

Designed, implemented, and maintained mobile client applications, customer kiosks, and server applications running on a 900 MHz wireless network. The client applications are written in C, while the server applications were developed using C, C++, and COBOL.
Created an API to read and decode numerous Micro Focus COBOL indexed files using C and C++. The API provided back office data to mobile clients and customer kiosks.

Designed an API to read and update numerous IBM General Sales Application (GSA), Price Management (PM), and 4690 operating system data files using C and C++.

Designed, implemented, and tested a personalization script for McKesson pharmacy systems (Condor) running SCO OpenServer Unix. The Korn shell (KSH) script updated NTP settings, network settings, and application settings based on a given store number.

Designed, implemented, and maintained a point of sale and pharmacy monitoring system called Watchdog using C, C++, and KSH. Watchdog monitored system health, system services, backups, critical application files, data updates, and system uptime.
Designed and implemented numerous shelf labels, tags, and signs using AccessVia dSigner, Visual Basic, CPCL, O’Neil Easy Print, and PCL.

Automated store opening and closing processes using C, C++, BATCH scripting, PSEXEC, and CBASIC. The automation reduced run time by 25%, the number of support calls by 75%, and eliminated data integrity flaws.

Research, specify, and recommend numerous hardware solutions to ensure compatibility, quality, reliability, and future proofing.

Setup and configured Wyse thin client terminals using Wyse Rapport.

Assist network teammates in generating firewall rules and security settings for new 802.11 b/g wireless network.

Successfully managed multiple large-scale hardware and software rollouts. Example rollouts include 1080 VeriFone credit terminals, 660 laser printers, operating system service packs, and unattended Microsoft Office updates.

Provide outstanding remote technical support to store personnel and desk side assistance to help desk teammates.


Description -
Responsible for providing second level technical support to medium and large customer accounts. Research, resolve, and escalate technical issues pertaining to all company’s products.

Roles -
Technical Support Engineer

Architecture -
Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, PuTTY, and VPN

Languages -

History -
Researched and closed trouble tickets from first level support, medium and large customer accounts.

Create new and edit existing documentation for company’s external support portal.

Generate a test code suite that was beneficial in troubleshooting trouble tickets.


Description -
Information technology liaison for the cardiac and vascular department; provide first class information technology support for a wide variety of high profile software applications and hardware configurations.

Roles -
Programmer, Analyst, Mentor, Consultant, Systems Management, Data Migration Lead

Architecture -
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, SQL Server 2005, IIS 6, Lumedx Application Suite (CardioDoc, Apollo, ApolloLx, Toolkit, CardioPACS, CardioChart, AutoDistribution, LDAP), McKesson Horizon Rad Station, MedPlus ChartMaxx, Siemans Invision, Philips TraceMasterVue, Philips Zymed Holter, Micro Medical Systems CardioNet, AMICAS/Merge Hemodynamics, Physio-Control LIFENET, ClearCanvas Workstation, DCMTK, Laurel Bridge Compass, VM Player, VM Workstation, and Ghost.

Languages -

History -
Designed innovative mobile ECHO laptop solution that provides a stable uniform environment for all ECHO technologists. This solution uses a business class laptop which runs a standardized VM of the Hospital’s production system. This gives the technologists a familiar environment while performing ECHO procedures on the road. The process employees BATCH, VBScript, and SQL scripts to export data from the laptop to an encrypted USB device. The exported data is then imported on upload stations at the hospital.

Successfully implemented, tested, and documented a new hemodynamic client server recording system for all catheter labs.

Created applications and scripts to assist in the migration of patient and image data from outdated cardiology picture archiving and communication system (CPACS) to modern archiving system.

Designed and implemented server and interface monitoring scripts, as well as, silent installation scripts for CVS and Radiology.

Received numerous accolades for improving the overall nursing and patient experience in the cardiac and vascular department.

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